Rispoval RS+Pi3 Intranasal

Rispoval IntraNasal

Rispoval RS+Pi3 IntraNasal is a convenient vaccine which protects cattle of all ages against 2 of the most common causes of virus pneumonia. RSV and Pi3 are recognised as two of the most important viruses in calf pneumonia disease. 

Rispoval RS+Pi3 IntraNasal is a simple intranasal vaccination that provides protection against RSV within 5 days of administration. 

SINGLE DOSE VACCINE for RSV and Pi3 viruses
  • Use from 9 days of age
  • RSV protection within 5 days
  • Pi3 protection within 10 days
  • Provides protection against RSV and Pi3, two of the most common causes of virus pneumonia in Irish calves and weanlings1.

According to the 2014 All Island Disease Surveillance report 47% of all respiratory disease diagnoses in Irish Veterinary labs were in calves less than 10 weeks of age, which indicates that these young calves are the animals that are most susceptible to pneumonia.

Pneumonia in Beef Animals can result in:
  • An average cost of €93 per case at time of disease2 (treatment costs, time etc)
  • 72g reduction in daily live weight gain for moderate cases3 = 22kg loss over 10 months
  • 202g reduction in daily live weight gain for severe cases3 =  61kg loss over 10 months

Product Information

Powder & diluent for suspension for intranasal application

Presentations: Single Dose Vial, 5 dose (10ml), 25 dose (50ml)

Active Ingredients: Modified live strains of Bovine Parainfluenza 3 (Pi3) virus and Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV)

Indications: For active immunisation of maternally derived antibody positive or negative calves from 9 days of age against BRSV and PI3, to reduce the mean titre and duration of excretion of both viruses

Dosage: 2 ml by intranasal administration from 9 days of age

Withdrawal:0 days

Legal Category:   POM (E)                                        VPA Number:10438/089/001

Summary of Product Characteristics: Full product licence here


1CVRL data 2013

2Andrews 2000

3Williams & Green 2007