Why should you make Spirovac your choice of Lepto Vaccine?

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  Spirovac is the only Cattle Lepto vaccine in Ireland:

  1. To offer basic vaccination from as early as 4 weeks of age followed by yearly vaccinations thereafter 

  2. To reduce Lepto shedding from existing carriers AND reduce colonisation of the kidneys, which helps to decrease the number of Lepto carriers

  3. With a flexible vaccination programme; a yearly booster can be given at a time of your choice

Bovine leptospirosis is a highly infectious bacterial disease and is widespread in Ireland with over 70%1 of dairy herds infected and approximately 80%2 of beef herds infected.

Leptospirosis can cause:
  • Abortion

  • Poor conception

  • Milk drop

  • Poor calf performance

Leptospirosis is a danger to humans and is an occupational hazard. Leptospirosis is best controlled by vaccination to both reduce shedding from carrier animals AND to decrease the number of carriers in the herd.

There are two Leptospirosis Hardjo vaccines available in Ireland: Vaccine“L” and Spirovac from Zoetis. Both vaccines contain a single strain of Hardjo:

=>Spirovac® contains L.Hardjo borgpetersenii

=>Vaccine “L” contains  L.Hardjo interrogans

Spirovac® is licensed to provide protection against L.Hardjo borgpetersenii. Cross reactivity has also been demonstrated at a serological level to LHardjo interrogans.

Product information

Dosage: 2ml

Vial sizes: 5 & 25 doses

Administration: Subcutaneous injection (preferably in the neck)

Vaccination scheme 

Basic Vaccination: 2 doses of vaccine separated by a 4 to 6 week interval. Basic vaccination for calves can be started from 4 weeks of age

Revaccination scheme: A single 2 ml dose on an annual basis

Legal category: LM

Withdrawal: Zero days

Summary of Product Characteristics: Full product licence here


1Dermot Mackie CAVI conference proceedings 2009

2Ryan et al.: Seroprevalence of Leptospira Hardjo in the Irish suckler cattle population. Irish Veterinary Journal 2012 65:8.

Twelve months Lepto protection

Flexible vaccination programme,
with a yearly booster at a time of your choice.

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Winter Vaccination

Reduce labour next spring!
Vaccinate this winter!

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