Rispoval RS+Pi3 IntraNasal

Single Dose Vaccine for RSV and Pi3 viruses

Rispoval RS+Pi3 IntraNasal
  • Use from 9 days of age

  • Works fast: RSV protection within 5 days
  • Protects against RSV and Pi3, two of the most common causes of virus pneumonia in Irish calves
  • Long lasting, providing cover during
    The First 60 Days - from 14 days of age

Why to choose Rispoval RS+Pi3 Intranasal?    

Rispoval RS+Pi3 IntraNasal is a single dose at 9 days of age with protection against RSV as early as 14 days of age. Vaccine B3 - 2 dose vaccination course completed at 42 days of age with highest antibody immunity not achieved until day 56. Rispoval RS+Pi3 Intranasal provides proven RSV and Pi3 protection earlier and longer than vaccine B.

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Rispoval Intranasal comparison

Graphic based on product SPCs: Vaccine B (MSD) and Rispoval RS+Pi3 Intranasal
1 The duration of protective immunity against Pi3 may be reduced in MDA calves vaccinated before 3 weeks of age
2 The magnitude of the antibody response may be reduced by maternally derived antibodies in calves up to six weeks (42 days) of age
3 The duration of protective  immunity has not been established in challenge experiments for Vaccine B

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Intranasal Administration

Rispoval Intranasal Administration

Mode of Action

Rispoval Intranasal Mode of Action


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  • Heifers that perform best in the First 60 Days of life

    • Survive longer
    • Produce more milk

    =>Deliver more profit

    The First 60 Days in the life of a replacement dairy heifer are key to maximise lifetime productivity.

    1. Growth during the First 60 Days of life is positively correlated with survivability to second lactation2
    2. Additional average daily gain (ADG) during the First 60 days = Additional milk yield in the first lactation3
    3. Priorities for future performance = Energy intake pre-weaning and colostrum management4

    1. Early Growth & Survivability: (Bach 20112)

    • Average Daily Gain (ADG) during the First 60 Days of life was linked with survivability to second lactation
    • Heifers that reached second lactation grew more (0.8kg/d) between 12 and 65 days than those that did not (0.7kg/d)
    • No effect was found between ADG after first breeding and survivability to second lactation

    2. Early Growth & Milk Yield:( Bach 20123)

    • For every additional 100g of ADG during the First 60 Days of life, about 225kg of additional milk yield in the first lactation can be expected.

    (This is an average figure of 7 studies)

    3. Priorities for The First 60 Days: (Soberon 20124)

    • Energy intake pre-weaning along with colostrum management have the greatest impact on future performance
    • Pre-weaning Average Daily Gain accounted for 22% of the variation in first-lactation milk yield
    • Increased growth rate before weaning results ‘in some form of epigenetic programming that is yet to be understood, but has positive effects on lactation milk yield’

    Heifers that perform best in the First 60 Days of life

    • Survive longer
    • Produce more milk

    =>Deliver more profit

    • As the number of respiratory cases a heifer experiences increases, her productive life diminishes: Heifers suffering more than 4 cases have an average of 100 days less productive life2
    • Pneumonia in young dairy calves costs an average of €538per case at time of disease (treatment costs, time etc.)
    • Pneumonia in dairy calves pre-weaning has been shown to reduce 1st lactation yield by 4%10  and to reduce 2nd lactation yield by 8%10

    • Heifer rearing represents up to 20% of farm expenses1
    • €1500 average cost to calve a heifer at 24 months1
    • Age at first calving determines return on investment

    Cows with a longer life and higher production =>Increased farm profit + More sustainable production

  • 1.Moorepark data: Emer Kennedy & Laurence Shaloo 2011

    2.Bach 2011 Associations between several aspects of heifer development and dairy cow survivability to second lactation

    3.Bach 2012 Nourishing and managing the dam and postnatal calf for optimal lactation, reproduction, and immunity

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Summary of Product Characteristics: Full product licence here

Presentations: Single dose vial, 5 dose vial (10ml), 25 dose vial (50ml)

Dosage:2 ml by intranasal administration from 9 days of age

Withdrawal:0 days

Legal Category:   POM (E)

VPA Number:10438/089/001