Cydectin 10% Long Acting wormer

Cydectin season long

One injection of Cydectin 10% Long Acting wormer offers season long protection against

  • Lungworms
  • Stomach worms

Reduced costs:

  • Fewer treatments
  • Less handling
  • Dosing at lighter weights

Ideal for young stock and stock grazed on outside farms

Dosage: 1 ml per 100kg

For use in cattle over 100kg and less than 500kg

Summary of Product Characteristics: Full product licence here

Types of wormers

There are significant differences between wormer options. There are three main types of wormers:

  • Benzimadazoles
  • Levamisoles
  • Macrocyclic Lactones

The older white (benzimadazoles) and yellow (levamisole) doses have no persistent effect against worms. These wormers kill the worms the day the animals are dosed, but the following day the animals could pick up new infections. The clear (Macrocyclic Lactones) wormers have evolved over time.

Evolution of Macrocyclic lactones