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Rispoval IBR-Marker vaccines

Do you want to vaccinate your cattle for IBR once a year?

Rispoval IBR-Marker vaccines are licensed for

  1. Yearly IBR vaccination
  2. IBR abortion protection
  3. Animals at immediate risk of IBR

1. Yearly IBR vaccination:

Rispoval Marker Live - IBR

 Rispoval Marker Live 6 Months 

Rispoval Marker Inactivated

 Rispoval Marker Live 12 Months Rispoval Marker Inactivated

In the first year cattle should receive one dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker live followed by one dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker inactivated within 6 months to provide 1 year IBR protection. After that a single yearly booster of Rispoval IBR-Marker inactivated should be given.

It is the combination of using Rispoval IBR live followed by Rispoval IBR inactivated that is proven to provide 12 months IBR protection. This IBR vaccination programme has been proven to protect herds all over Ireland and Europe on a yearly basis.


You can opt for IBR vaccination every 6 months.

Rispoval IBR-Marker live provides 6 months IBR protection, and a single dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker live is required every 6 months.

The advantages of the yearly IBR vaccination programme

  • One less vaccine in the year
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced labour
  • Reduced management

2. IBR abortion protection

Only Rispoval IBR vaccines provide IBR abortion protection.

To prevent IBR abortions use

1. The yearly Rispoval IBR vaccination programme: A single intramuscular dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker live followed 6 months later by a single dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker inactivated, with a yearly dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker inactivated thereafter


2. Two intramuscular doses of Rispoval IBR-Marker live 3-5 weeks apart with a 6 monthly dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker live thereafter.

No other IBR vaccines are licensed for IBR abortion protection


3. Animals at immediate risk of IBR

Rispoval IBR-Marker live is used as a single dose intramuscular injection in cattle over 3 months of age, to provide 6 months duration of immunity.

Cattle at immediate risk, e.g. in the face of an outbreak, should receive a single dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker live intranasally, followed by a single dose of Rispoval IBR-Marker live intramuscularly 3-5 weeks later.

No other IBR vaccines are licensed for use in cattle at immediate risk of IBR

Product Information:

Dosage: 2ml

Withdrawal: 0 days

Legal Category:POM (E)                                          

VPA Number Rispoval IBR Marker inactivated: 10438/86/1

VPA Number Rispoval IBR Marker live: 10438/87/1

IBR made simple

Watch our animated video explaining how yearly IBR programme can help you.

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