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Covexin 8

Covexin 8 is an 8 in 1 clostridial vaccine for both cattle and sheep

Presentations:100ml, 250ml

Active Ingredients: Clostridiumc hauvoei, novyi, septicum, tetani, haemolyticum and perfringens types B,C,D

Indications: For active immunisation against disease associated with infections caused by clostridial species above


CATTLE: 2x5ml doses 6 weeks apart by subcutaneous injection.

SHEEP AND LAMBS (over 8 weeks of age):

5ml dose followed by 2ml dose 6 weeks later with an annual booster thereafter.

LAMBS:2-8 weeks of age, from unvaccinated ewes or ewes of unknown vaccination status: 2x2ml dose 4-6 weeks apart


LegalCategory:     LM                                            VPA Number:10438/010/001

Summary of Product Characteristics: Full product licence here