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What is Sileo?

At last there’s an innovative way to treat canine noise anxiety. Introducing Sileo, a fast acting oromucosal gel that can be tailored to the timing and duration of the noise event.

Sileo is rapid acting (Cmax 0.6 hrs)1

Flexible: Use every 2 hours as necessary (up to 5 times per noise event)1

Can be used as part of an existing behaviour modification programme

Low non-sedative dose of dexmedetomidine that keeps the dog calm yet functional


With up to
of dogs showing signs of noise aversion,2
now is the time to order from your wholesaler.


Sileo packshot


1. Sileo 0.1mg/ml oromucosal gel SPC
2. Blackwell EJ, et. Al. (2013) Fear responses to noises in domestic dogs: Prevalence, risk factors and co-occurence with other fear related behaviour.

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