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Zoetis has a range of respiratory vaccines to ensure the most appropriate vaccination programme for your farm. Discuss with your vet the most appropriate vaccination programme for your farm.

Dairy Heifer Calves 

Calf Pneumonia
Pneumonia is common in young calves, and dairy heifer calves are particularly susceptible during the first few months of life, a critical period when direct links have been shown between growth rates and age at first calving1, first1,2 and second3 lactation milk yield and longevity in the dairy herd.4

These calves therefore require a vaccination programme which can be started from a young age and which works rapidly to ensure the earliest possible protection. Vaccination via the intranasal route is one way to achieve this.

At least 12 weeks protection against RSV and Pi3

Rispoval RS+Pi3 IntraNasal can be used from just 9 days of age to provide the earliest possible protection against RSV virus and Pi3 virus; with RSV protection within 5 days. With immunity proven to last at least 12 weeks, young calves are protected during their most vulnerable period.





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