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Rispoval® RS+PI3 IntraNasal contains live PI3 virus, and live RSV. For the active immunisation of maternal antibody positive or negative calves from 9 days of age against RSV and PI3 virus, to reduce the mean titre and duration of excretion of both viruses. POM(E) 

Rispoval 3

Rispoval® 3 contains live PI3 virus and RSV with inactivated BVDV type 1. For the active immunisation of calves to reduce virus excretion and clinical signs caused by PI3 virus, to reduce virus excretion caused by RSV infection, and reduce virus excretion and severity of leucopenia induced by BVDV type 1 infection. POM(E)


For information about side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications, please refer to the product packaging and package leaflet.