Role of NGF in OA Pain

Studies have identified a new key player in the transmission of pain associated with osteoarthritis (OA) in people, dogs and cats. In adults, Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) plays a significant role in pain signaling. Click on the link to watch the newly identified mechanism of action of Nerve Growth Factor in OA pain.

Other Resources

Review Paper on anti-nerve growth factor monoclonal antibodies for the control of pain in dogs and cats.

The role of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in pain associated with osteoarthritis has been under investigation for the last two decades. In Dr. Enomoto’s review paper, the authors review the science behind NGF and the potential development of new pain treatments based on this novel pathway.

Published in the same journal, read the short review of the science behind the prior comprehensive article.

Measuring pain in dogs and cats using structured behavioural observation

Providing insight for veterinarians and pet owners alike, Dr. Reid’s recent review paper highlights the tools available to measure pain in dogs and cats based on behavioural changes.


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