Labour Saving Solutions

Labour Saving Solutions from Zoetis offer farmers cost effective and convenient treatments for calves, heifers and cows in the herd - a wide range of products are available to save time and labour.

Labour Saving Solutions


These Labour Saving programmes are designed to help you save time and labour by reducing the workload over the busy Spring and Summer period.

First 60 Days

The First 60 Days in the life of a dairy calf are critical to future productivity but coincides with the busiest time of the year. Labour Saving Solutions help protect calves against virus pneumonia and offers a simple solution for treatment of scour.

First 60 Days Programme
First 60 Days First 60 days
Future Dairy Future Dairy
winter vaccination winter vaccination
Labour Saving Solution Triangle

Future Dairy

Protect your heifers with season long worm and fly control available with Cydectin Long Acting Wormer injection and Flectron Fly Tags.

Future Dairy Programme

Winter Vaccination

Vaccinating your herd in December is convenient & effective and reduces the workload in spring.

Winter Vaccination Programme

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