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Season Long Fly Control

Flectron Fly Tags are a really simple, cost-effective way of providing season long fly control to cattle of all ages. Flectron Fly Tags are a cypermethrin impregnated ear tag for the season long control of nuisance and biting flies on cattle.

Flectron Fly Tags Flectron Fly Tags

For complete control the entire herd should be tagged. One tag per animal is usually sufficient to achieve acceptable levels of fly control. However, where head and face fly attack is very severe, two tags may be necessary, one on each ear.

Fly and Lice Spot On Insecticide is an alternative topical treatment for the control of flies and lice on cattle. The dose rate in cattle is a 10ml spot on application between the shoulder blades. Spot On should be applied monthly to keep nuisance flies at bay. There is a zero milk withhold period and so Spot On can be used in pregnant and lactating dairy cows. For further information visit the Spot On product page here.

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