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Labour Saving Solutions

First 60 days

Calves that perform best in #First60Days of life produce more milk, live longer and deliver more profit.
Pneumonia in #First60Days reduces lifetime production. Rispoval RS+Pi3 Intranasal provides the fastest and earliest protection against RSV and Pi3 viruses, 2 of the most common causes of virus pneumonia in Irish calves.

do not wait, vaccinate Use from 9 days

Rispoval Intranasal   

Use single dose vaccine for earliest and
fastest RSV+PI3 protection.

Oral rehydration for sick calves in a simple tablet; no mess, no fuss.

Future Dairy

Parasite control at pasture is key to maintaining good daily liveweight gain.
Cydectin 10% Long Acting wormer and Flectron Ear tags are #LabourSavingSolutions from 
Zoetis for future dairy animals.

Cydectin 10%LA   Flectron Fly Tags

Use Cydectin 10% Long Acting Wormer 
for season long worm control at pasture.

Take the hassle out of fly control with Flectron ear tags for up 4 months fly control.

winter vaccination

Winter vaccination makes life easier and reduces the workload in spring.
Follow the simple yearly IBR programme.

  • Metabolic stability

  • Cows in better condition

  • Optimal response to vaccination expected

  • Higher level of immunoglobulins
    pre-calving with possible
    positive impact on colostrum quality

  • Quieter time of the year

  • All animals vaccinated at the same time;
    lower risk of missing animals from programme


Rispoval IBR Marker vaccines is the only yearly IBR vaccine with abortion prevention.

Spirovac is the only cattle lepto vaccine that can be used at any time of the year.