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February 20, 2017

ZOETIS attended VICAS 2017

VICAS, the annual veterinary symposium for companion animal vets, held in Cork this year, always offers a great opportunity for Irish vets to get together to review and hear more about the latest developments in veterinary medicine.

This year the Symposium’s main focus was gastro intestinal medicine and surgery with streams available for both vets and nurses. Lectures from both Irish and international experts were extremely well received by an enthusiastic attendance.

Between lectures attendees had the opportunity to meet with representatives from a variety of veterinary companies. Zoetis were delighted to be present to support the veterinary community at this important annual educational event. This year Zoetis ran a fun scratch card competition which was an excellent fit with our portfolio of innovative products for dogs which suffer with skin disease. Up to 10% of dogs attending veterinary clinics present because they have skin disease, often resulting in itching which can adversely affect the quality of life for both owner and pet.

Many vets have already used the new oclacitinib prescription only product for the treatment of canine allergic and atopic dermatitis which was launched in 2016 and have been delighted with the results. Prior to its launch there were limited options. Steroids, which are one of the most commonly used treatments often results in both short term and long term side effects.Stethoscope winner Lisa Finnegan

Norma Brady MVB, a new addition to the Zoetis Companion Animal Veterinary team was very well placed to further highlight opportunities for further use of oclacitinib, having used it in clinical practice and in her own family pets.

With many vets and their owners concerned about the increasing risk of ticks and tick borne disease such as Lyme Disease, both Norma and Senior Account Manager, Tom were also kept busy discussing the only tick product to kill more than 99% ticks found on dogs (based on available information from the UK).

Luckily time was found to take a few photographs to record Norma’s ‘baptism of fire’ as an industry representative. Photo credits go to Tom!

Zoetis at Vicas 2017